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Jonny Hayes | Dundee Preview

April 29, 2022 12:13 am Author: AFC Media Team
Jonny Hayes | Dundee Preview

“There is no getting away from how big it is.

“Saturday is a massive game.

“Dundee are fighting for their lives, both teams need the three points in a clash at the wrong end of the table.

“We are not going into the game thinking the three points will just come. We know how tough a game it will be. The matches this season between Dundee and ourselves have been very tight. Both teams will be going for the win. It is up to us to do our jobs to make sure we come out on top this weekend.

“The lack from confidence comes from the league position. It comes from the poor results. They go hand in hand. No one is going to be walking around with their chests out when you are ninth or tenth in the league.

“The manager has tried to pick everyone up this week. He has made training short, sharp and intense with the full focus on Saturday. We have worked on a lot of attacking stuff this week with a view to try and help with the confidence.

“I can only speak about myself on the way I look at football. Every day in training you are coming in and have a chance to add or reduce your reputation depending on how you do. It is the same in games. Whether you are here next year or not, it is irrelevant. You have personal pride.

“I have not see a change in any of the boys who have been told they might not be here.

“We all know that we are in a scrap, in a dog fight and we have got to come through the other side of it.

“The polite word is frustrating to describe the season. Results have not been good enough. On field performances have not been good enough for the stature of this football club.

“We are not thinking about next season. And we can’t affect what has happened so far this season. All we can do is influence what is ahead of us. We want to win these final four games and that is the mentality in the building.

“The very least that should be expected from the players is to work as hard as the opposition. That is the very minimum of what should be expected. There has to be more to it than just working as hard as the opposition.

“Cormack Park is a terrific place to work. There is always a good atmosphere and a great relationship with all the staff and the players, and also the non-football staff. The problems are on the field where we lack that bit of confidence. Some people might want the mood to be down when the results are not good but for me it is about coming in and enjoying your work and enjoying games.

“I know results have not been good enough and the support we have had probably is not warranted because of what has happened on the field. The fans have backed us no matter what has happened and they are deserving of better performances and better results. Let’s hope we can start with a win on Saturday.”