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Joe Lewis | “fine lines being a goalkeeper”

December 1, 2019 12:54 am Author: AFC Media Team
Joe Lewis | “fine lines being a goalkeeper”


Fine lines

“It was nice to play my part.

“It shows the fine lines of being a goalkeeper.

“One second I feel that I have made an error of judgement coming out and bringing the striker down.

“I make the penalty save and I am feeling good. If I have not made the save, I would be disappointed with myself. So very fine lines.

“But I am pleased with my performance and I am pleased we can go into Wednesday with a win behind us.”

Penalty save

“The ball has hit his shoulder and knocked it away from the line it was going.

“But I think it was a penalty if I am being honest. I did catch him to be fair. It was a genuine attempt to go for the ball, but I think a penalty and yellow card was probably the right decision. There was contact.

“I came out for the ball, I am not sure what would have happened had I not come out. I am not sure if the striker would have had time to bring it down or not.

“My instant reaction was a half-hearted appeal. So I had no choice – I had to save the penalty!

“I was then able to make the two saves.

“I had a feeling he would go that way and luckily I have got there to make the initial stop. It was almost a bit too close to me, I could not get the angle on it to parry the ball wide and it went back to the penalty taker. But there was good pressure on Andreu from behind from the lads which prevented him from getting a good connection or as much accuracy as he would have liked on the second shot and I was able to make the second save which was pleasing.”

Early save

“You don’t want to have too much to do early in the game but I had a save to make after about 40 seconds. It is nice thought from a personal point of view to make a save early on, it gets you well into the game and gives you the confidence to go on from there.

“I am personally feeling confident. I felt good throughout the game after making the early save. It always does that for a goalkeeper. You always feel that you will have a good game if you make an early save.

“I enjoyed the game, but obviously I was worried at one stage that my decision to come out was going to cost us two points. Fortunately, I was able to make the saves which meant it went the other way.”


“It was a good finish from Sam. He lifted it enough to get the ball over the bodies that were trying to block it. Same with Niall’s goal as well, he took it really well – any lower then it is getting blocked. He lifted it nicely and put it into the roof of the net. So two good finishes.

“I think we deserved to win the game. We did not play as well as we would have liked, and the game was not as comfortable as we would have liked it to be. But an important three points and we go into Wednesday with that behind us and we look build on it. We can take the momentum into the game.”

Three points

“As I say the three points was the important thing.

“You would rather do it playing free flowing football, and at times we did play some good stuff. When we created the chances, they were really good moves and well constructed, but we did not do that enough and when we conceded the goal we stopped doing that. We did not kick on and capitalise and getting in front.”


“Lewis has missed a great chance to make it 2-0. I think to be fair he was a bit unsighted as Sam and the centre half have gone up for the header and he has seen it really late so he was not able to get good contact on it.

“We also had one or two other opportunities to get the second goal. It was frustrating because we felt like we scored the opening goal and did not capitalise on that and kick on.

“That is something that we have done now a couple of times this season. We did it last week. It is something that we need to address. It is something that we have to fix.

“Scoring the first goal, especially at home against a team who are maybe not full of confidence, we should be doing more to kick on. That is not just the forward players, that is everyone in the team. It is about having the right mentality to kick on.

“We will look to address that and now we look forward to taking the momentum we have got from the win into Wednesday.

“Most games at home the bookmakers will have us down as favourites and there is a level of expectation from ourselves and the crowd to win these games. So we are pleased that we got the three points. It was closer than we would have liked, and we could have made it a lot easier for ourselves, but at the end of the game we have come away with three points which we are pleased with.”


“Our last performance against them was nowhere near it and we need to make sure we put that right.

“It is important we put in a performance after what happened last time. Everyone has to see that. The players are not stupid, we do not kid ourselves, we know we have to put in a better performance than last time and we have to show a response from that performance. We have to show plenty of competitive edge and aggression and that is going to be needed if we want to get a positive result.

“We have to show a much better mentality going into the game.

“We know they will come here looking to win. We know that they will be aggressive. We know they will be a good team and have good players all over the pitch, but we can’t show them too much respect. We need to have a level of aggression and competitiveness that the shirt deserves.

“We need to make sure we are right.

“We need to make sure that we are ready and we will have a good look at them on Monday and Tuesday ahead of Wednesday.

“Getting three points against St Mirren was the first objective. We will get some rest tonight and tomorrow and be back in on Monday to prepare for what is a huge game.

“Wednesday will be a big game for the players and the supporters as well so we will look to go into the game with plenty of aggression and look to be as positive as we possibly can.”