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Joe Lewis | Post Match Quotes

December 3, 2017 5:17 pm Author: AFC Media Team

You can watch his RedTV interview by clicking the red bottom whilst his quotes from the post-match media conference are below:

“Really disappointing, especially with them going down to 10 men.

“I thought we played quite well in spell in the second half.

“It was mainly all us, they were penned in but we had a lap in concentration and gave the ball away in a key area and they counter attacked and scored a good goal. It was very frustrating to lose back to back games against them so we need to make sure we are positive going forward now and put that behind us.

“That had been their game plan once they went down to 10 men, to defend and look to try and counter attack on us and it worked for them quite early on so it was very disappointing from our point of view.  

“It is definitely a huge disappointment but this month is massive now. There is a lot of games to play between now and January. We need to make sure we analyse our games, make sure we improve and make sure we are ready for Friday night because it’s a huge game for us now.

“I am the wrong person to ask about whether the manager will stay or not. You will need to ask him or ask people in the know. I know as much as you do.

“There has certainly been no lack of focus from the manager or the players. He has been focussed and working hard in training. We’ve not changed what we’ve done in training at all, so that’s as far as I can say on the matter really.

“We are professional players, form drops for a number of various reasons. You can pin it on anything you want. The press like to pin it on the things they want to talk about but we need to look at ourselves as players and try and improve.

“I don’t think (the speculation) it’s having an effect on the players’ performance, we need to improve for a variety of reasons, but I don’t think it’s having too much effect on the players.

“It’s football, whatever happens we are not in control of that so we need to get on with whatever happens. We aren’t getting involved with things that might happen. We’ll just take it as it comes.

“You have to be professional. I have to concentrate on keeping the ball out of the net and just focus on doing that. The players have to work on the things they can influence. You can’t control things outside of your little circle so you just need to knuckle down and concentrate on the things that you can do.”

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