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Joe Lewis | Breidablik Preview

August 11, 2021 10:28 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Joe Lewis | Breidablik Preview

“I think there is a lot of confidence on the back of the win on Sunday, and a very good second half especially. There is lots of positivity around the place at the moment. We’re looking forward to the game. One where we obviously played them last week and we know about their strengths. We know their qualities and we know they’re a good side. So we know we need to perform well but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do that with the confidence we’ve got right now.

“We won the game thankfully away from home and we worked hard for that win. And tomorrow night it could again be a very hard game and we’re going to need to work very hard as well. They’re going to be very aggressive and on the front foot as they need to come and win the game.

“We need to be very proactive ourselves to make sure we influence it from the very start and don’t just sit back waiting to see what they’re doing. Early goals will be crucial I think and if we can get one or two ourselves, then it gives us a lot more confidence going into the remainder of the game but obviously they’ll look to do the same. So it’s going to be a difficult game, we know we need to be at our absolute best, but we are confident that if we do that then we will get through.

“In Europe you have to be at your best. These teams have got quality and if you allow them to play and give them a sniff then they can punish you so we need to make sure that we’re we don’t do that tomorrow.

“We played against them last week and we’ve had another look at them and worked towards the game tomorrow night. We know what we need to do, it’s a case of us going out there and applying ourselves and being professional about it which I’m sure we will be. We’ve got a very professional group of lads who work exceptionally hard.

“If you go back over the last 18 months and look what everyone’s been through, nights like tomorrow night are special and to have a big crowd which I’m sure will be loud as well, you do have to savor these games.

“I’ve always said since I’ve been here, a Thursday night game in Europe, they always have a different feel to them, they have always got a special feel to them, and I’m sure tomorrow will be no different and we need to make sure we rise to that occasion.

“We’ve all got goals and targets we want to achieve throughout the season. But we can only achieve those targets by taking care of the short-term goals. Tomorrow is immediately in front of us. And we’ve got to take care of that. And if we take care of the short-term stuff, then the long term stuff will be achieved in the back of that.”