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Jay Emmanuel-Thomas | St Johnstone Preview

December 10, 2021 6:59 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Jay Emmanuel-Thomas | St Johnstone Preview

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas was the player put up to press this week to preview the trip to Perth. The striker believes things are starting to come together for the team at the top end of the pitch as we head into a busy run of games over the festive period, next up St Johnstone on the road on Saturday.

“We are looking to take our last two performances into a third game in a row.”

“Winning is the most important thing.

“If you can win in a stylish way that excites the people watching then obviously it is a great thing.

“But things like weather and conditions, you might have to play a bit longer – we resorted to playing a bit longer against St Mirren but in the final third played silky football.

“Sometimes it is about a balance of both.”

“You would be so surprised the difference when you win a game – even if it is really tight or you beat a team 3-1 or 4-1.

“There is a very big difference.

“Just winning alone brings a different aura to the dressing room and it continues through to the training ground and facilities and everybody’s mood, it is just a much better feeling.

“We want to continue this run all the way through to the break. We have games that are winnable, a few games at home, a few games away but that’s not the issue, it is about getting the results and putting the points on the table.

“We have always had confidence and belief in our ability to perform.

“Obviously we had periods when we struggled to finish off in the final third by putting the ball in the net and that seems to have turned in recent times. The more chances we create then the more chance to have of scoring and we have created plenty of chances in recent games.

“Hopefully we can keep pushing now and keep putting teams to bed by scoring goals.

“When you are playing alongside three attacking players in Marley, Christian and Ryan who have good movement and make smart runs at pace, I can use my attributes to utilise their attributes at the same time.

“It is about knowing your teammates strengths, knowing what Ryan wants to do, where he might go, knowing what Marley will want to do and what he might do in a certain situation and what runs Christian is going to make. Once you can study your teammates and know their best attributes, you can then try and give them the ball or create situations where they are in their most comfortable position, and that tends to work best when it comes to creating chances.

“Studying your teammates is a daily thing and it is now starting to come together after a lot of hard work.”