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Greg Leigh on RedTV

August 13, 2019 4:19 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Greg Leigh on RedTV

“I can’t say that Sunday was a hangover from Thursday. It is something we need to look at – how we start these games. I felt as the game went on we got more aggressive and sharper. So we can’t blame being tired or anything, I think it is a mentality thing how we start these games.

“We can’t afford a slow start on Thursday.

“It’s something the manager has addressed after the game and the players need to be aware of. We know what we have to do and we have to do it as early as possible to give us the best chance.

“We’re a strong group; Sunday annoying but it’s more annoying than a real worry. It’s something we address as early as possible and kick on for Thursday.

“We had 60% possession but St Mirren defended well, and they came with a game plan and executed it exactly how they wanted.

“Having a lot of possession is important but it what you do with it that matters. We did not do enough with it on Sunday to get the goals we needed.

“Playing Sunday, Thursday then Sunday is not easy but it is what we want to be doing.

“It’s exactly what you want to be doing. You want to playing in Europe, you want to be playing in as many competitions as possible. And if you were not playing games you would be working just as hard in training anyway. It a lot of ways, fitness wise it is just like a game. We are footballers and we come in every day to work hard.

“It is maybe more the mental side of things that can be tiring. You are concentrating very hard for 90 minutes but this is what we train for.

“Sam is very important to us but we need to be able to play without certain players as during the season you are always likely to get injuries or suspension at some stage of the campaign. When you have players coming in who maybe have not had games like on Sunday, they were maybe a bit rusty but it is something they can improve on. We know they are good players. We know they have potential.

“We know we need to score goals – at least two – and not concede. That’s a game plan we can go with.

“It’s a worry but we know what we’ve got to do.

“Going away to Rjjeka, we didn’t show them what we’re about. There were things where we’re going in not to concede, which would have been ideal, but we have to show them what we’re about at Pittodrie.

“We’ve done it before this season at home and we need to do it again. As I say we need to do it as early as possible to give us our best chance.

“People wrote off Liverpool against Barcelona.

“It’s a strong position to know what you’ve got to do going into the game.

“A 1-0, 2-0 score line is difficult for them as well. Do you go for it or sit off? We know that we need to go out and score as many goals as possible, certainly at least two within the ninety minutes. We can work out a game plan to go with. We know what we have to do, we just have to be able to go out and do it.”