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Dons in Croatia | Manager’s Pre Match Conference

August 7, 2019 9:26 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Dons in Croatia | Manager’s Pre Match Conference

Scott McKenna

“There has been no update.

“Scott has travelled with us. Club’s have had every opportunity to put their best foot forward over the last few weeks.

“Any club who is trying to do a deal today has no consideration for Aberdeen Football Club. It is a total disregard for us on the eve of such an important game.

“Unless I am told by the Chairman that a deal has been agreed and accepted then Scott will continue to be an Aberdeen player. That is the way I am looking at it.

“I have spoke to Scott more than any other player over the last couple of weeks. He obviously has a lot to contend with at the minute and there is a degree of sympathy from myself. He is an Aberdeen player and has to continue to act as an Aberdeen player and perform for us as an Aberdeen player until we get told differently.

“I have such a high regard for the boy. He is the best of the lot in terms of personality and we want the best for him. There is no doubt the move in his career will come for him.

“Whether it comes this window; – clubs have had weeks, they have had all summer to put their best foot forward to try and get him. If it does not happen this window, then I am pretty sure it will happen in the near future.


“The team is picked and Scott is playing.

“We did our preparation in Aberdeen this morning.

“It is hardly the ideal preparation.

“It is a Europa League game, it is a very important game for us. And as I say these club’s have had the whole summer to do a deal and there is a degree of anger, frustration and contempt towards these club’s for trying to put their best foot forward now.

“Until someone tells me that an offer has been accepted, Scott will be down to play tomorrow night.”

Last time

“It was a fantastic performance by us the last time we were here and a real moment for the club to over come such a fantastic side in Rijeka at their home stadium where their European record was so strong. And continues to be strong.

“They are traditionally one of the top club’s in Croatia and recently have a very strong European history.

“For us it was a huge result, but even after winning 3-0 I remember saying to my staff and my players that the tie is not over even with us going back home with that lead.

“We felt that it was only half-time and we felt with the quality in that Rijeka team, we would need to bring another top performance. Thankfully we got through.

This time

“It is a totally different scenario now.

“It is the same fixture but it is totally different players now. Very few players remain in the Rijeka team and it is a different manager. There are only three or four players from my team that travelled who played in the game.

“So it is a completely different game but ultimately it will need another big performance from us to get a positive result.
I have been pleased with some of our performances at this stage of the season. It is impossible for any team, including ourselves, to only be five games in and be at our best.

“Particularly our home performances have been very strong. I am delighted with how the new players have settled and I am pleased with how we have negotiated the previous two rounds.

“Like any cup competition the opponent gets stronger as you go through the competition. We will need to improve again to give ourselves the best chance of getting through this tie against Rijeka.

The opponents

“Rijeka, being the seeded team and with their recent history, I would have to say they are the favourites.

“But they were the favourites the last time.

“We are not daunted or phased by the challenge we have.

“We take it on and we hope that we can deliver two strong performances, away and at home, and that will be enough to over come the challenge.

“I have a healthy regard for Rijeka.

“I have watched them over the past week and have a good handle on the type of team they are.

“They still possess that high-quality technical ability – they have some good technical players. I also see an added physicality about them.

“Igor Bišćan, I don’t know too much about him as a coach, I did not know he was the Head Coach here till we were drawn together, but obviously he was a top footballer and had a top career.

“Thankfully he is not playing tomorrow!”

Zak Vyner

“He is a player who is of interest to us but there is no further news on that at this stage. I think it will be unlikely for him to be here and registered for tomorrow. He is a player, because of our defensive situation with injuries, he is a player we have an interest in.”