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Chris Forrester on RedTV

June 5, 2018 7:45 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Chris Forrester

Chris spoke to RedTV after completing his move from Peterborough United earlier today. To watch the interview in full, please click the red button above.

“As soon as my agent told me about the interest from Aberdeen I knew that I needed a fresh start from Peterborough. Things didn’t go so well last season so as soon as Aberdeen came in I was interested. The stature of the club- and the fact they get over 15,000 to most games each week- means I’m looking forward to the challenge. It’s just challenging myself up here against new teams and like I said I think I needed a fresh start from Peterborough which is the main reason why I came up here.

“The manager said he sees me as an important player to the team which was music to my ears. He said we are going to be a playing team and he sees me as a vital part and being a main passer in the team. It was all stuff I liked to hear and it helped in bringing me hear too.

“The last few seasons, passing has been my main strength. I’m not afraid to get on the ball and it’s what I love to do. I like to get the game going and pass to the lads that can maybe score the goals up there. This season I want to be the one that’s receiving the ball and doing something myself by scoring a few goals. It’s just another string to my bow, but my passing attributes are my strongest.

“It’s one of my main aims coming up here- to get back amongst the goals and be a goal scorer from midfield as opposed to someone who’s sitting in the middle and passing the ball. It’s my main aim to chip in with a few assists and score plenty of goals.

“In midfield you need to be able to get around the pitch as well so I want to see myself up there higher, pressing the ball and creating the goal that wins us the game. That’s what I’m here to do I suppose.

“My first European trip, I was 18 I think, when we went to Slovenia to play Ljubljana so that was a massive experience for me and I’d been doing that every year when I was in Ireland. That was five years I had been going back and forth on European trips and had some really good results against Siroki Brijeg and knocked them out. We played against Legia Warsaw which was a massive game in front of a massive crowd. We held them and were 1-0 up until the 89th minute when they equalised. I have plenty of experience in Europe and hopefully I can bring it to the team this season.

“This is the furthest north that I’ve travelled, but you see a lot of games on television and another aspect of coming here is there’s plenty coverage of the league. The fanbase that is up here is massive so that’s another reason why I’ve joined the club.

“There’s a lot of comfort hearing an accent that sounds very familiar to yours and I found at Peterborough there was a guy from Belfast so we could relate to things even if it’s just going up and saying hi. I’ll take a lot of comfort to know he [Adam Rooney] is from where I’m from but I’m looking forward to meeting all the lads. I’m sure they’ll welcome me in.”


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