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Chikhura Reaction | The Manager on RedTV

July 25, 2019 10:50 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Chikhura Reaction | The Manager on RedTV

Derek McInnes Post Match Press Quotes.

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“It was not a perfect performance and not the perfect result.

“I think under the circumstances, losing another defender to injury – we already have two injured defenders back home – and then our options to play someone at full back was a bit of a challenge for us.

“I thought we started the game with confidence and looked assured.

“I think when Ash Taylor got injured it threw us out of our flow a bit.

“We did not finish the first half as well as I would have liked.

“I was very disappointed with the penalty given against us. I did not think that there was any contact. I think it was a poor decision.

“We felt a grievance at half-time.

“The response from my team was good.

“The decision for our penalty, there was a delay which then causes a bit of a surprise. But I have seen it again and I think it was a handball.

“We don’t know how Ash Taylor is.

“It is a hamstring injury and we will reassess it when we get back to Aberdeen tomorrow morning.

“I think it is half-time in the tie.

“I am pleased with the response of my team when we needed a response at half-time.

“We gave it.

“We know it is only half-time in the tie and we still have it all the do in Aberdeen.

“The away goal is very important to us. But it does not give you any guarantee.

“Our opponent showed enough quality at times for us to recognise that we are still have a difficult task.

“I have been impressed by Chikhura.

“They are a well managed team. Clearly they have good technical players and play with a lot of passion. And they deserve every respect.

“Form our point of view, we have a high regard for our opponent, and we knew at this early stage of the season for us, it was going to be a difficult tie.

“And we still feel that it will be difficult.”