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Celtic Preview | Curtis Main

February 14, 2020 2:43 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Celtic Preview | Curtis Main

After his impressive performance against Hamilton on Tuesday, Curtis Main sat down with the media this morning to look ahead to Sunday’s match with Celtic. To watch the full press conference, press the red button.

“It is a positive result and that rubs off on the players. I think everybody is looking forward to the next game.

“We will work on things in training and we look forward to the game. Whatever team is selected we will all be raring to go.

“I am not sure if I have cemented a place in the team. Hopefully I have. It is down to the manager. He will pick a team that he sees fit to go and get a positive result.

“We know how strong they are. It is up to us to come up with a game plan and hopefully have something for Sunday and we can produce a surprise.

“Having scored a few goals the other night, hopefully it can all be forgotten about. Sometimes in football, things like that can happen whether it is not picking up points, or for goals to not come as easily as we would hope. Now that we have managed to get it out the way, hopefully we can continue in that vein and keep scoring goals.

“I was glad to get the opportunity and I was happy with my performance. Hopefully I can stay in the team for Sunday and do something similar.

“I don’t see why me and Sam can’t play in the same team.

“I think Celtic are a pretty confident side. They will have been boosted by the midweek results. We have got to be ready to match that with our own confidence and roll up our sleeves and be ready to go to work.

“It was a frustrating run for everybody. We wanted to put more points on the board. For varying reasons, we didn’t do that. After the midweek results hopefully, that gives us a little injection and we can take that into Sunday.

“The dressing room is full of big characters and people just wanting to show their abilities.

“If we can transmit that onto the pitch at the weekend it can only be beneficial for the team.

“The whole team has got to step out onto the pitch believing that they can get a positive result.

“You can’t go onto a pitch and not have that mindset. Otherwise you set yourself up to fail from the start.

“The fans support can help. We look forward to it. Being at home we hope the fans can drive us on from start to finish. It is going to be a tough game but if we can feed off any energy from inside the stadium it is always going to help.

“We have got to stay alert. We might be defending for long periods of time which you have to accept. We have got to be ready to take chances whenever they come.

“Sam has been in very good form and has been quite clinical. Everybody looks at that and it helps them have that drive to increase their standards on a match day and to be as clinical.”