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Bruce Anderson | My dream debut

August 5, 2018 8:49 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Bruce Anderson | My dream debut

“It’s a dream come true.

“It was my childhood dream as I’m an Aberdeen fan and all my family are Aberdeen fans. I’m delighted for them as well.

“I was thinking of my family and hopefully I’ve made them proud.

“I can’t really remember the goal to be honest. I just remember the ball dropping and I just wanted to hit the target. I focussed on hitting the target, getting a good connection and luckily for me it’s went past the keeper.

“I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life and hopefully there’s a lot more good days to come.

“It’s been a long couple of days. It shows the character we’ve got with the way we’ve kept battling on. Luckily enough we’ve got a goal.
“For me it’s all about learning. I’m trying to learn every day, develop as a player and if the minutes come then I’ll try and take my chance as much as I can.

“I’ll make sure I’m ready for whenever the gaffer wants to use me. The manager told me before I went on just to enjoy it and take your chance. Hopefully I’ve managed to do that.

“Hopefully that’s the first of many.

“I felt like if I got on I was going to get a chance and I was confident I could take it. Rangers were really compact at the back and really organised so it was about us being resilient and taking the chance when it came along.

“As I say I always felt I would get a chance. I always have that belief when I play. I might also have done a bit better with my header earlier.

“I’m sure he’ll phone me tonight (Adam Rooney) and I’ll let him know how it went so I’m looking forward to speaking to him. He has been my mentor over the past three years and I would speak to him every day in training. I’ll let him know I scored one more than him this weekend!

“Hopefully I can match his record at the club one day but at the moment all I need to do is keep working hard and trying to get better.”