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Spectator Safety Policy

The policy of the Directors of Aberdeen Football Club is to achieve and maintain, as far is reasonably practicable, the highest standards of safety for spectators and to conduct the Club’s activities with appropriate safeguards against exposing the general public to risks to their health and safety while visiting Pittodrie Stadium.

These safeguards will include the appointment of a Facilities Manager accountable to the Chief Executive Officer. Regular meetings will take place between the Management and the Facilities Manager.

A designated person from each area of the Club’s activities will be appointed and he/she will liaise on a regular basis with the Facilities Manager on matters of Safety and Security.

The stadium will be all-seated with Close Circuit Television. A centralised computerised crowd monitoring system is installed and strict segregation will be in force. Tickets will clearly identify the area of the accommodation for which they have been issued. The information on the ticket will correlate with the information provided both inside and outside the stadium.

Sufficient and clearly marked ingress and egress areas to and from the stadium will be provided. These areas will be clearly marked, kept clear of obstruction at all times and be continuously manned while the stadium is being used by the public.

The Club will provide sufficient trained and easily identifiable stewards to assist spectators.

The training of stewards will be monitored by the Events Safety Manager who will determine the numbers, location and levels of supervision required.

Regular tests will be carried out on all handrails, barriers and balustrades to ensure they are of a specified strength in compliance with the Safety Certificate. All structural elements will be identified and periodic checks carried out on them.

An efficient public address system which can be heard in all parts of the stadium, as part of the fire or incident warning system will be provided.

The Operating Manager will have rapid lines of communication with Police Scotland, Ambulance and Stewards.

An automatic Fire Alarm system, which is constantly monitored, will be in operation while the public are in attendance. Competent Fire Stewards will also be in attendance. All flammable material will be removed prior to the admittance of the public.

Sufficient and competent First Aiders will be in attendance at all games along with a qualified medical practitioner.

A complete emergency action plan drawn up by Aberdeen City Council, Emergency Planning Unit on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer in conjunction with Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance and Aberdeen Football Club has been compiled.

A record of all attendances and incidents and a regularly updated record of all maintenance inspection and tests carried out will be kept by the Club.

Throughout the season the Spectator Safety Policy will be monitored, all logs, incidents and unusual occurrences discussed and the Policy reviewed at the end of the season.

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