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Disability Discrimination Act Ticketing Policy

Aberdeen Football Club is committed to ensuring that its disabled supporters and customers have as full access as is reasonably possible to all goods, services and facilities provided or offered to the Public by the Club.

There are 20 wheelchair spaces available in the Richard Donald Stand and 6 in the Merkland Stand which are for home support only and seating for Personal Assistants if required. There are seven wheelchair spaces in the away section for visiting supporters and seating for Personal Assistants if required. Please note that only one Personal Assistant is permitted to accompany a wheelchair user under the ticketing policy.

The Club will operate a concessionary ticketing policy for disabled supporters and will ensure that the scheme does not discriminate between disabled people with differing impairments. The Club recognises that not all of its facilities are fully accessible to disabled customers and confirms that it is committed to making the necessary adjustments described by the Disability Discrimination Act and its relevant Codes of Practice to ensure full compliance with the legislation.

The Club policy is based on the areas of the stadium that disabled supporters can use as opposed to their individual impairments. It will be effective as of now and apply to both season tickets and individual match tickets providing they are pre purchased. Both visiting and home supporters are eligible for concessions.

Disabled spectators who can only use the wheelchair platforms within the stadium will pay a concessionary rate. If this supporter requires the aid of a Personal Assistant (PA) the PA will be admitted free of charge.

Blind and visually impaired supporters who can only use the section identified for them in the Richard Donald Stand will be admitted at a concessionary price for that stand. Again any requirement by them for the presence of a PA, then the PA will also be admitted free of charge. Should demand exceed supply in this section then blind and visually impaired can utilise the Merkland Family Stand provided they are accompanied by a PA.

Any ambulant disabled supporter who requires the aid of a PA in order to view the event in comfort and safety can be seated in the Merkland Family Stand and their ticket will be sold at a concessionary price for this stand. Their PA will be admitted free of charge. If the requirement for a PA is not obvious, the Club will be entitled to ask for evidence of PA necessity. This would comprise of a letter from a registered GP stating that the supporter cannot attend without the aid of a PA.

Any other supporter with a disability who can access any area of the stadium without the need of a PA will be charged the full rate for his/her seat.

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