About Us

Hi, my name is Tony Stott. I personally started collecting signed memorabilia about fourteen years ago. At that time I mainly collected anything to do with Manchester United, from signed shirts, to a collection of commemorative plates. Nine years ago I started working in an art gallery as a professional framer, and began collecting other items.
Over time I came across lots of very interesting memorabilia items. When one of our regular customers sold his memorabilia business just over four years ago, I realised there was a gap in the market, and decided to start up my own company; North East Sport & All Memorabilia.

Fundraising & Prizes

At North East Sport & All Memorabilia, we like to help out sports clubs and organisations in the local area where we can and so regularly supply a wide range of sporting memorabilia items for fundraising nights, auctions and sportsmans' dinners.
All framed sporting memorabilia supplied for such fundraisers is done so on a sale or return basis, minimizing any potential risk for the groups or organisations hosting events.
Our items can change quite often so if there is a specific signed item, or sports personality photo that you would like, but cannot see on our website please contact Tony Stott, where he will be only to happy to get it for you.