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We all have a role and responsibility to promote, support and safeguard children’s wellbeing in Aberdeen Football Club and Aberdeen FC Community Trust (AFCCT).

Ensuring a child’s wellbeing at all times includes celebrating when things have gone well, understanding a child’s circumstances and forming positive relationships. Participating in sports and activities can contribute in many different ways to a child’s positive wellbeing considering the health benefits of being active, the achievements they make in gaining new skills as well as their experiences in being included and respected as part of a group.

To ensure we can respond to situations when a child needs help or support, we must firstly understand their rights and the meaning of wellbeing. Secondly, we must recognise a number of risks that exist for children undertaking sports and activities and therefore put in place a range of safeguards that minimise these risks.

These are managed and promoted by people within particular roles who receive specific training for their level of responsibility. It is necessary for this understanding and the appropriate processes to be in place if ever a child’s wellbeing or need for protection is identified as a concern. Aberdeen FC and AFCCT can then respond and support any child who needs help, informing the relevant agencies and organisations.

Our policies, procedures and safeguards, as well as training will give us the confidence and support needed to fulfil our role and responsibility to keep children safe.

Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland
Safeguarding in Sport
Breathing Space
Police Scotland
NSPCC Scotland

If you have a concern about a child’s wellbeing in football then you can contact us at safeguarding@afc.co.uk If you have an immediate concern for the safety of a child then please contact Police Scotland on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

“Aberdeen Football Club has always been a supporter of young, homegrown talent. My own era at Pittodrie is testament to the importance of developing young players and with the continued growth and success of our Youth Academy we are again reaping the rewards of investing in players from a young age.

“Everyone at the Youth Academy strives to support and mentor the players to be the best they can be on the playing field however we also want them to develop as individuals and grow into responsible and respected adults.

“Safeguarding within the Youth Academy features strongly and our rights-based approach ensures that our players wellbeing and social development is at the core of our welfare measures.
From ensuring a safe environment in which they play, live and learn to recognising their own needs and establishing their values we continually strive to ensure each individual’s wellbeing.”

Neil Simpson
Head of Aberdeen Football Club Youth Academy

Children’s Wellbeing & Protection in Aberdeen Football Club & AFC Community Trust

Please click here to download the Children’s Wellbeing & Protection in Aberdeen Football Club and AFCCT policy.

Safeguarding Officer-Richard Taylor contact by telephone on 01224 650489 or by email safeguarding@afc.co.uk.