Beachfront Stadium Plans Update

16 November 2022
Author Aberdeen FC Media Team


Since the Council approached the Club to ask us to reconsider building a new stadium at Kingsford, and instead become the anchor partner in the Council-led beachfront plans with a new net-zero community stadium as the centrepiece and catalyst for the wider regeneration, we have willingly and enthusiastically provided considerable time and resources on the potential design and operation of such a facility.

The Club remains fully supportive of the visionary plans for the beach regeneration which have been led by the Council and we are prepared to continue to invest time and resources to play our part.

Last week the Council asked the Club to confirm if the full funding for a new net-zero stadium at the beach had been secured. We have informed the Council that we do not yet have the level of detail on construction, procurement, funding, development, ownership and ongoing operation of the proposed integrated facilities to have meaningful conversations about funding. We are however in preliminary discussions with potential funders and exploring applying for net-zero grants through various vehicles. For the Club to progress the funding phase, it’s critical that we have sight of the Council’s Outline Business Case, due in December 2022, without which any commitment would be premature.

The Club jointly funded an independent economic and social impact report of a net-zero community stadium at the beach.  This clearly stated that the city of Aberdeen would see an economic uplift of at least £1 billion during the first fifty years of the capital investment should the Club stay at the beach. That’s the prize for the city for a relatively small capital investment.

This is not just an investment in a stadium where the Club’s first team plays at home game every other week but an investment in a net-zero community stadium that will drive almost double the footfall that is generated at Pittodrie today.  It can be a key part of the critical investment needed for the wider regeneration of the city centre, where Aberdeen and local businesses will be the key beneficiaries. If the city has any chance of achieving the First Minister’s ambition to become the net-zero capital of the world, we need to invest in our city centre, making it an attractive destination in which to live and work.

We are determined to continue to work with the Council to help deliver an integrated, net-zero community stadium facility as part of this and are keen for discussions to progress to the next stage, which we hope will happen swiftly after the Council meeting on 14 December.


Our response to the council.