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Virtual Season Ticket Access – 21/22

July 30, 2021 9:46 am Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team
Virtual Season Ticket Access – 21/22


Supporters who have signed-up for the 21/22 campaign as season ticket members will once again receive virtual access for any matches they can’t attend through our virtual season ticket.

In a slight change to the process for last season, supporters must now access their virtual season ticket via the main RedTV site instead of the virtual season ticket website which was in operation last season.

The direct link to login to the Red TV site is: https://redtv.afc.co.uk/

To access your virtual season ticket please log in via https://redtv.afc.co.uk/ using your unique login details, a combination of your name and Dons ID: Firstname-lastname-DonsID.

For example:

Username: Joe-Lewis-1151983

Password: 1151983

Please remember to enter the dashes between the name and number as per the example above.

Please note that you must have paid for a season ticket by 3pm on Friday 30th July in order to receive virtual access for the league opener with Dundee United on Sunday 1st August. Otherwise access will be available from the next game.

Your Dons ID can be found in the confirmation e-mail you received after purchasing your season ticket. However, if you are still unsure of your Dons ID please contact the Ticket Office on 01224 63 1903 or email ticketoffice@afc.co.uk as soon as possible.

Ahead of Sunday’s match there will be an opportunity for you to view a test stream on Friday between 11am and 2pm. You can test your login at any point before the match and the stream will be available from 1.30pm this Sunday.

Should you encounter any issues please contact the RedTV support team via email: redtv@streamdigital.tv

Your unique log-in will remain the same for all matches so please keep it safe, this must not under any circumstance be shared with others and will only provide access to one device at a time.

If there is more than one season ticket linked to the same e-mail address, each person will still have virtual access using their own login details.

Please note, even if you already subscribe to RedTV you must use your virtual season ticket login to watch live coverage. To watch any other content (Interviews, highlights, archive footage etc) you must use your normal RedTV login.

The matchday stream will be active at least 30 minutes before kick-off, we would recommend that anyone who intends to watch the match gets set-up well in advance of kick-off to ensure everything is working ok.

Demand will be high, so the earlier you can login the better. Please note your login will only work during match time.

When you log-in you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions associated with the virtual part of your season ticket, these can also be found below.

If you signed-up in the last 24 hours your account may not be set-up yet. We will notify you when it has been activated.

Should you require further technical support please contact redtv@streamdigital.tv

Terms & Conditions can be viewed in full here.


Q: What games will I be able to watch through my virtual season ticket?

Your virtual season ticket will provide access to the Live Broadcast of Cinch Premiership matches included within your Season Ticket for which your Season Ticket is not valid for access to the stadium as a result of such match(es) being played ‘behind closed doors’, with a reduced capacity as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic or that you are not able to attend due to your own personal circumstances.

Q: How will I access the Live Broadcast on a matchday?

Ahead of the season starting you will receive a username and password via email from the club depending on the contact information we have for you. You will be able to access matches via https://redtv.afc.co.uk/

Q: Will my login details stay the same for every match?

Yes. Your details will remain the same throughout the season and cannot be changed, so make sure you keep them safe and private.

Q: Can I share my login details?

No. Do not share your login details. Your virtual season ticket access is the virtual services element of your Season Ticket and, just like your normal Season Ticket, is non-transferable. Please keep your password safe and do not share these details as it will affect your ability to view the matches.

Q: Will there be login details for every individual Season Ticket, even if there are more than one registered to the same address?

Yes. Individual login details will be issued to each Season Ticket holder in respect of every individual Dons ID.

Q: Can I access the Live Broadcast on more than one device at the same time?

No. You cannot watch the Live Broadcast on more than one device at any one time. If you sign into an additional device while logged in on another, you will automatically be logged out of the first device. Likewise, if you share your details and someone tries to login at the same time as you, it will end your Live Broadcast.

If you want to watch the match uninterrupted, please keep your password safe and do not share these details as it will affect your ability to view the matches.

Q: What devices will this work on?

Desktop computers & laptops: You can watch the Live Broadcast on an up to date desktop or laptop computer (PC or Mac). You must make sure your browser is up to date and has JavaScript enabled too (most browsers update automatically). Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox are recommended although other browsers may work but are unsupported.

Apple iPads and iPhones: You must have iOS 11.3 or higher installed and you must use Safari to watch the Live Broadcast on Apple devices. Android devices: The live broadcast also works on most modern and up to date Android devices, including tablets, smartphones and Smart TVs.

For more specific information please contact redtv@streamdigital.tv

Q: Can I watch the RedTV coverage on a TV channel?

No. The Live Broadcast will not be available through any Freeview, cable or satellite TV channel in the UK or any other country.

Q: Do I need a SKY subscription to watch the RedTV Broadcast?

No. The Live Broadcast is not available through SKY.

Q: Can I screenshare the RedTV Broadcast to my Smart TV?

Yes, you should be able to screenshare the Live Broadcast to compatible Smart TVs using an app such as Chromecast or Apple Airplay. For more specific information please contact redtv@streamdigital.tv

Q: Which devices are NOT supported?

We do not support gaming consoles, including X-Boxes and PlayStations.

Q: Can I watch the Live Broadcast if my Internet connection is slow?

The quality of the Live Broadcast stream will be dependent on the bandwidth and speed of your internet connection. For the best possible experience, we would recommend using an internet speed of least 5Mbps (please check with your internet provider).

It can help to close other tabs, browsers, and programmes while streaming your content. It may also help to hardwire your Internet connection, instead of using a wireless network connection.

Q: What do I do if I am having problems with my Live Broadcast Stream on a matchday?

A support team will be in place on a match day to help with any enquiries. The primary point of contact will be via e-mail redtv@streamdigital.tv with more information to follow ahead of the first match.

Q: How can I make sure my device/connection is adequate for streaming?

Some corporate networks, firewalls and ad-blocking software may prevent the Live Broadcast from displaying. Please check with your Network Administrator.

Disable any ad-blocking software and you may need to configure your anti-virus software.

You must be using a browser that has JavaScript enabled (most have this as a default).

Q: Can I use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxies to stream the Live Broadcast?

No. Please ensure that you are not using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxies as this can cause the Live Broadcast stream not to function.

Q: Will this work outside the UK & Ireland?

No. Due to the contractual restrictions placed on the Club by the relevant rights holders, your virtual season ticket will be geo-blocked and only accessible within the UK & Ireland. If you live outside of the UK & Ireland the best way to watch the games is to subscribe to RedTV International.

Q: When does the RedTV Broadcast start on a matchday?

The broadcast will become available 60 minutes before kick-off and our matchday show, will start 30 minutes before kick-off, so for comfort and ease we strongly recommend you login and connect to the Live Broadcast as early as possible during this period.

Q: If I miss kick-off, can I login at any point after the game has started?

Yes. You can login at any point after the game has started. However, as the game is live, you can only watch from the time you have logged in and will not be able to rewind to the start of the game.

Q: Will I be able to watch a replay of the match after the final whistle?

No. Due to broadcasting restrictions there will be no replay of the matches after the final whistle. This content will only be accessible for RedTV subscribers.

Q: Does the Virtual Season Ticket include access to RedTV?

Your Virtual Season Ticket does not include access to RedTV itself- only the live stream of our Scottish Premiership matches played behind closed doors.

Q: I am already a RedTV subscriber in GB & Ireland, can I watch the match through my RedTV account?

For contractual reasons, the live streams will not be available to RedTV subscribers in GB & Ireland who will instead receive an audio feed of the programme. To watch the live stream you must have purchased a 21/22 Season Ticket.