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AFC Educates!

June 7, 2020 10:01 am Author: Aberdeen FC Media Team
AFC Educates!


With schools across the country closed as we continue to battle the Covid-19 crisis, lots of young Dons will be carrying on with their education from home which we’re sure won’t be easy for many parents!

Look out for different tasks each week to keep you busy.

This week we are going to create a newspaper feature and create your own football…


Big news – The newspapers have just released the biggest AFC news ever, but the ink ran out in the printers and we can’t read the story. It is your job to create a title to the article, the story and draw a picture that will catch the readers’ attention of what the news could be. You can use this template to help you get started!


Over the years, the football itself has changed. We want you to design a new football for us!

Things to think about:

  • Material
  • Texture
  • Style
  • Colour
  • Weight
  • Size

Upload your drawings (with annotations of the above) to social media and #StillStandingFree so we can see your amazing work!


1st June

Problem Solving

Oh no! Due to government guidelines, Angus the Bull and Donny the Sheep have to stay 2m apart. Help them reunite when we are allowed to see our friends and family by using this maze to get Angus to Donny’s house!

The answer can be found here.


Use the French words we learnt last week and separate the fruit from the vegetables!

Use the word bank below to help you out.

The answers can be found here.


25th May


You are to create your own pair of magic football boots with a magic power! Could it be super speed or terrific tackles? Could it be great goals? It’s up to you!

Things to think about:

What needs to happen for the power to start?
What colour are they?
How long does the power last?
Does anyone know about this power?

Create a short story (with a picture) about how these magic football boots would work and what happens when the power is released!


Print out the document below and cut up each square. With the squares with the pictures, write what they are in English. Then, match up the French word for that fruit or vegetable.

Bonus points if you can draw your own pictures on the French squares too.

For games with the family, print out a couple copies of the document and you will be able to play snap!

French Pairs document to print.


18th May


Practise your handwriting skills by writing your favourite Aberdeen players’ names! Download and print out this document and get yourself a pen or pencil and become a professional.

The document is also available here.


Can you find these French fruit and vegetables in the wordsearch?

Bonus points if you can translate them back into English as you will need these for a task next week…

The answers are available here.


11th May


Put your research skills to the test and create a presentation on how the first dugout was invented.

A few points to consider:

• Who invented the dugout? When?
• What inspired the idea?
• What is his connection to Aberdeen FC?
• What club was the next to create the dugout?
• How has the dugout developed over the years?
• Don’t forget to add pictures!


Write an interview for your favourite Aberdeen player.

Think about their football career and questions they may have never answered before. Come up with at least 10 questions and practise them on someone you live with to make sure they are up to scratch!


4th May


Writing – what happens next?

Use the start of the story below to tell us how the story ends…

The half-time whistle has just been blown and we are winning 2-0 at Pittodrie. I scored the first goal and the crowd cheered with excitement. Both teams are walking to the tunnel to hear what our manager has to say in the changing room. Derek McInnes pointed at me and said: ”


‘Stand Free wherever you may be, we are the famous Aberdeen’

Create your own song for when we return to Pittodrie! Think about rhyming words that could be used. Bonus points if you get players’ names in there too….


27th April

Read the following article and answer these questions on what you have just read! And no cheating… we want full sentences for your answers.

The article can be found here.

1. What is the name of the bear teddies that were handed out?
2. What was brought in to help fight the pandemic?
3. How will the children that will receive the bear teddies react when they get given the soft toy?
4. How are the club helping the community?
5. Nial McGinn uses the term ‘lifting their spirits’ when speaking about the children in the hospital, what doe this mean?
6. How will we reduce the spread of the coronavirus?
7. What got delivered to Peterhead?


With the new kit due to launch very soon, we want you to create your dream football kit.

A few things to consider:

  • Material to use
  • Style
  • Strength
  • Colour
  • Your target market
  • Price

Create a poster featuring your new kit design and upload it to social media using #StillStandingFree.


20th April

Maths – Who am I?

Wordsearch – Maths Edition

Use the maths questions down the side to find each player’s squad number, with the player’s surname hidden in the wordsearch.

For example: 25 ÷ 5 = 5, so you would look for McKenna in the wordsearch.

Answers can be found here.

English – Write a paragraph on each of the following AFC topics:

  • Favourite AFC player
  • First AFC match
  • Favourite AFC goal

Thanks to our partnership with First Bus, the travel company have also suppplied some educational activities to suit the abilities of children from P1 through to P7. To access this pack, click here.