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The story so far

October 12, 2019 5:51 pm Author: Red Matchday Team
The story so far


Red Matchday Magazine 2019/2020

This season’s Red Matchday programme covers, brilliantly created by Dolly Digital, have been inspired by popular culture.

So far the designs have been drawn from the movies, album covers and a very well-known computer game!

As always, the Red Matchday team are keen for our readers to get involved so if you have a cultural favourite you would like to see on the cover of the programme this season, let us know!

We will do our very best to recreate some of the ideas alongside the other concepts we have planned.

It does not have to be limited to the genres we have used. It can be a favourite poster, piece of literature, stage production – let’s hear your suggestions!

Email your ideas to the programme editor at redtv@afc.co.uk