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Tony Docherty | Hibernian Post Match Quotes

October 5, 2019 8:04 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Tony Docherty | Hibernian Post Match Quotes


The Decisions

“The one thing that I do want to reflect on is the period of the match where we are 1-0 down, we are down to 10 men, which I have got to say is a real dubious decision.

“I have to clarify that I haven’t seen it back yet but in my opinion, Curtis Main wins the ball and I think the reaction of their player makes the referee make that decision.

“I would have to see the second one as well.

“I think Mallan’s reaction, in particular to the Curtis Main tackle influenced the referee.

“Again I would need to clarify that, I have not seen it back.

“I have had one view of it. I thought Curtis Main had won the ball. I didn’t think it was a red card, but I do think the Hibs player had an influence on the referee’s decision.

“I haven’t seen it back (the Ferguson red card) but I didn’t think it was a red card.


“At that stage of the game we are up against it.

“I think that a lot of questions have been raised from the last performance in terms of the teams personality, mentality and I think what they did was reflect the managers personality and mentality, in that last 15 minutes with the performance where we should have possibly went on and won the game.

“It speaks volume of the squad.

“They weren’t giving it up.

“The substitutions definitely helped. There was a real galvanization of the team and we could have went on and won it.

“There are different outcomes to the games.

“Before the game if you had asked me that we would have drawn the game I would have said ‘no I want three points’ but the way the game went and the reaction that we got from the players when they went down, as I say they were up against it, was a really good outcome for us and it is something that we now have to use as a springboard in terms of momentum for the rest of the season.

“Huge credit to the players. I have got to applaud them. They were a reflection of the manager today.

“I can only speak about our team. They were staring down the barrel of a gun. They were 1-0 down, they were down to 10 men. In situations like that you either stand up or you don’t, and they stood up.

“The mentality and the personality shown by the team I thought was outstanding.

The Players

“I thought Lewis Ferguson was outstanding.

“You need to look at the personnel, in terms of the experience of the team. That will do us a lot of good. In particular Lewis Ferguson, I thought his ball retention, I thought his choice of pass, his decision making and also the defensive side of it I thought he was outstanding.

“I know Steve Clarke was here today and I thought he was the outstanding midfielder on the pitch.

“Joe does what he does.

“He is a fantastic goalkeeper. I judge a good goalkeeper on the amount of one v ones that he saves, and Joe has done that so many times in his career here at Aberdeen.

“He is fantastic for that. You never get used to it, but you always need to applaud it.

“Big Sam pops up at the most important moments. It’s a fantastic header.

“Good delivery by Niall McGinn, it’s a fantastic header getting up against his marker. Again, its something that we are used to those two players doing.

“Scott (McKenna) done fantastically well.

“He only returned to training in the later stages of this week. I am talking about the mentality of the team, the mentality of the squad and none more so than Scott. He put his body on his line. He has only trained a couple of days; he has been out for quite a while.

“He got through the 90 minutes. We monitored him Thursday/Friday and we had conversations with him, and he thought that he could give it a go.

“You seen with his performance there, he has got the heart of a lion Scott, he will get through anything and he did his bit for the team today.

“If Scotland were to ask if Scott McKenna could come into the squad it would be something that the management team and medical staff would need to have conversations on that.

“As far as I am aware just now, he is not in the squad.

“We need to give huge credit to the rest of the team the way that we dug in and we made sure that there was a positive outcome from what was possibly a negative situation.

Up Coming Games

“The frustrating thing is now we have suspensions to deal with.

“We are in real need of getting as many of the injured players back as we can and hopefully, we can as we are have got Motherwell and Celtic games coming up and we need all hands-on board.

“Hopefully this period of rest will allow these players to get back and be in contention for places.

“Sometimes there is an outcome from a game that you don’t expect.

“At the start of the game I wouldn’t have accepted a 1-1 draw at home. But the way the game went, sometimes that galvanizes not just the players but the support as well.

“It is important that the players performance in that last 15 minutes epitomises the manager and we are lucky at Aberdeen that we have got a manager in Derek McInnes.

“A lot of people need to realise that, the amount of solid sterling work that has been done.

“Sometimes when you are in a situation like that it brings out the best in people. It made them stand up, show their personality, show their mentality which is a reflection of the manager.”