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The Manager | Hibs Pre Match Conference on RedTV

October 3, 2019 4:17 pm Author: AFC Media Team
The Manager | Hibs Pre Match Conference on RedTV


“The last couple of results have been difficult to take, it has hit us hard.

“The Hearts game being so close to getting the club into another semi-final and so much effort was put into it.

“Naturally it was very disappointing.

“I actually thought the performance considering the circumstances was okay.

“We then go into the Rangers game. We were two bodies light for that after Hearts.

“I felt as though the energy was lacking in the performance.

“You have got to look at sore results like that, you have got to be honest with yourself, you have got to be honest with the players.

“It was a tough, humiliating experience on Saturday but that’s the way it is sometimes.

“I have been involved in football a long time, you get good days and bad days and that was a particularly bad day.

“Everything is always about the response, showing enthusiasm in between disappointments and failures.

“That’s what we have tried to stress to the players this week.

“I feel as though they are an honest bunch of boys who are hurting like everybody else.

“The only way we can make ourselves feel better, make the supporters feel better and everyone else feel better is by winning games and we have an opportunity to do that on Saturday.

“Regardless if we were home or away for this game, its important that we try and show a response and show that we are hurting.

“We are hoping to get one or two back to help us with that cause.

“Going out there and trying to show a level of performances is important.

“Players have got to show confidence.

“They can’t be knocked by such a disappointing result; they have got to carry themselves properly and just do what I have always done in these type of situations and what my teams want to do is just work that bit harder.

“When more is asked of you, give more. It is important that we show that. Nobody is going to get the result for us, we have got to go and earn it.

“If you don’t win games, especially a club like here you get criticism.

“You don’t sign up to be a manager and expect it all to be plain sailing.

“32 years I have been involved as a player, coach and a manager and I have had good days and bad days.

“When you don’t win you give people the opportunity to have a go. When you do win, you keep them quiet for a while. That is just the way it is.

“I am struggling to think of any much lower than that (Saturday’s result against Rangers).

“It was difficult. You are trying to stop the bleeding, watching it in front of you and it was difficult with what we had available.

“The reality is we would have had eight players out who would have been stripped. That is half of your outfield team, we probably would have had about five starting, that’s half of your starting team unavailable.

“That is no excuse. We can still show our self-better than we did.

“Not many teams, certainly carrying a squad like ours, can cope with having eight players unavailable.

“I do think there are reasons but there are certainly a lot more reasons that we can do a lot better and that is what we aim to do.

“The fact that we could get one or two back could help us, hopefully a bit more experience back into the team.

“A bit more confidence, maybe personality into the team which can help in these instances.”

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