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Derek McInnes | Post Match Quotes

December 3, 2017 5:05 pm Author: AFC Media Team

The transcript from the Managers Post-Match media conference

“It’s a disappointment. I thought we were worth something from the game. I thought it was a fully-committed performance, full of motivation from the players. We were set up better and far more like ourselves in terms of denying the opposition too much scope to play.

“That said the first goal is criminal at any level, to give their biggest goal threat in terms of set-plays in Danny Wilson a free header. As good a header as it was, its not good enough for us. We’ve got to be putting in a far better challenge before that ball goes in the net.

“I thought the response after losing that goal wasn’t great. Rangers got their tails up, but we finished the half better and were unlucky with the header that crashes off the bar. It’s a great ball from Greg Stewart and I thought the last ten minutes of the first half we carried more of a threat.

“The whole message to the players today was to get more crosses into the box and at times we didn’t do it quite enough. I thought we played in the wider areas and at times moved the ball quick enough and caused Rangers problems. Half time comes and goes, and we tried to relay that message; to show that bit more quality and take more responsibility to get on the ball and do a wee bit more.

“I felt that the second goal after the sending off was again criminal from our point of view. When Rangers go down to ten men and set up a 4-4-1 their only real threat is going to be on a counter attack or us being loose in possession. There’s still enough bodies back to deal with the counter attack threat and I’m disappointed with them going down to ten men, they get an immediate lift.

“We had it all to do. Then wee Frank comes up with a real moment of inspiration. It was a fantastic strike and he’s capable of that. There was still plenty of the game to go and at that period of the game we felt that we would throw everything at them. They were without Wilson and Alves in the middle of their defence and we thought we could try and cause them more problems. We don’t have a 6ft 3 centre forward, but we have players that can thrive off crosses. I still thought we were a wee bit reluctant to put the ball in from good areas of the pitch and we over-egged it a wee bit. I thought Rangers defended with a bit of resolve, their keeper did well and commanded his box, and I thought by in large we could have been doing a bit more to force the issue.

“Not through any lack of effort, commitment or motivation from the players, I thought that was clear today, but what we did lack was that bit more quality in both boxes and unfortunately, we’ve lost a game which I think we deserved something from.

“It’s a nasty one on Stevie and a poor challenge. He’s tried to play on, but the fluid in the joint has impinged him and he’s had to come off. It was a real blow because he’s the type of player we always feel can carry that threat. Although we get the advantage of them going down to ten men, we lost one of our major goal threats.

“At the time I thought it was a red card. I’ve not seen it again, but the mark of Stevie’s shin is high. Based on my first impression I can see how the referee’s given a red card.

“The week started with a good win this time last Sunday at Kilmarnock. It was a very “Aberdeen like” performance and I thought we were very strong. The last two results have been disappointing. Although we conceded from a set play, I thought we set the boys up better and gave them a better chance to get the result. We were more committed and there was a real motivation about the team. That’s why I feel for my players when we put so much into getting the result and they don’t get the result. It’s fine lines and we’ve lost again and are now third in the league we need to try and pick ourselves up.

“Our record on the road is normally quite good, bar the result on Wednesday at Ibrox. The players will get a day off now and then we’ll look at the Dundee game.

“I made my position clear weeks ago. There comes a point where it’s just dragged on and dragged on. I’m not happy with how it’s been handled, and I know you boys (the media) have a job to do, but you must be getting fed some sort of stuff so there’s been plenty of encouragement to run stories.

“Ex-players seem to know a lot more than everybody else and everybody seems to be in the know. Every other day there seems to be somebody giving an opinion on my future.

“Today was all about the game and it was good to get it out the way and play the game and try to win it.

“The motivation was clear after Wednesday night and my job is to try and get a winning team on the pitch and not constantly fend off questions. It’s wrong for me to comment on speculation. For me I’m the Aberdeen manager and my job is to try and get a winning team on the pitch and that’s all I’ve ever done.”

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