Aberdeen Football Club has, since its foundation in 1903, developed a reputation, both nationally and internationally, as one of the UK's best known clubs. The Club has and will continue to nurture talent and embrace opportunity and change in an innovative manner.

On the field the Club has a long history of success, both within Scotland and Europe, with the 1980's particularly being an era of unparalleled achievements. Off the field AFC has consistently recognised the need to be at the forefront, as demonstrated by the fact that Pittodrie was the first all-seated stadium in Britain.

Any club can only succeed through the combined efforts of its members and supporters and AFC recognises the importance of such support in the ongoing development of the Club. Future investment will continue to be geared towards the creation of quality in terms of the football squad, the stadium and ancillary areas, hospitality facilities and community involvement.

AFC Shares

For parties interested in the buying/selling of shares, the Club have a nominated stockbroker who operates a matched bargain service on behalf of AFC designed to bring buyers and sellers of shares together.

For existing shareholders the matched bargain service is run through a web portal at www.capitambs.com. Search for Aberdeen Football Club on the lead page. If you are visiting the portal for the first time, you will have to register. To complete the registration process you will need to have your 11 digit shareholder reference number (Investor code) which is available from the Company Secretary or Accounts office at the Club. These reference numbers do not appear on any share certificates issued prior to December 2006. Please note that only the first named person on the shareholding can register.

For those buying shares for the first time the matched bargain service is only available through manual registration at the contact details below. There is a PDF data capture form which can be printed, completed and then emailed to the address given below.

Capita MBS Data Capture Form

For help and assistance you can contact CAPITA MBS, The Registry, 34 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 4TU:-

By email at mbs@capitadeal.com

By telephone on 020 3170 0234 (Mon-Fri, 09:00 to 17:30)



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