Aberdeen v Inverness CT Pittodrie Stadium Tuesday 9 November 7.45pm kick off

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Mark McGhee did his scheduled pre-match media conference this morning. He told RedTV:

"I think we are aware that Saturday highlighted, regardless of any circumstances that we feel, how much work is still to be done and at the moment I am still doing it and I can only say to the fans that I will continue in my way to do the best I possibly can to get a result against Inverness tomorrow night and eventually crawl back to some sort of respectability.

"We have got the game tomorrow night to bounce back. I said after the game about the 3 points and I think I possibly didn't say it the way I was meant to say it or I was misunderstood. When I talked about the 3 points being 3 points against Celtic I was talking really about the 3 points against Inverness being the same 3 points as we've lost at Celtic. I wasn't trying to diminish the gravity of the result or the second half performance. I was simply saying that we have another game on Tuesday night in terms of the season. We have another 3 points to go for on Tuesday night and that is the most important thing.

"I believe for my own reasons that we can beat Inverness on Tuesday. That we have a team in there, that if we get them right can beat Inverness and that is all that matters.

"The game tomorrow night is about the players and the supporters not about me.

"For the continuation of the fans support it is a must win.

"The one thing that will always be here are the supporters. I would ask the supporters to think about that. Support their football club, support the jersey, even if they have not got a great belief at this moment in time in the people inside them or the people managing them. It is their football club and hang in there because one way or another it will change eventually.

"I think they will be disappointed having lost again at home. I think Terry will be reminding them of the fantastic away record they have and they will be coming here with belief and that they can get a result here. We expect a really really difficult game.

"We have two strikers in Maguire and Vernon that are in good form so that gives us a chance. We need to get the rest going behind them but that gives us a chance. Ryan Jack and Clark Robertson can walk out with their heads held high."

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Mark McGhee speaks to the press today

Team news

Paul Hartley is suspended for Aberdeen's Clydesdale Bank Premier League clash with Inverness at Pittodrie tomorrow night.

The Dons skipper was red carded on Saturday and will serve a one match ban.

Andy Considine (knee) and Nikola Vujadinovic (hamstring) are still struggling while Peter Pawlett (broken toe) and long-term casualty Fraser Fyvie are out.

Aberdeen goalkeeper Jamie Langfield spoke to RedTV: Jamie Langfield at training

"I am totally shocked about what happened. I know the boys are completely devastated. Pittodrie is a very quiet place at this time.

"I have been through a lot of low points in my footballing career and in life in general. That was the lowest I have ever felt after a game. I am hurting. There are not many times you come off a football pitch in tears and you don't know what went on.

"Words cannot describe what it was like in the dressing room after the game.

"There is no way it should have happened but it did happen. As a team and as a club we need to rebuild now and that has got to start tomorrow night.

"The players will do the best they possibly can tomorrow night and in the future but it will never go away.

"The fans have the right to voice their opinions if they come out, or if they don't come out tomorrow night. As players we totally understand that because we have let them down. I know over the years we have let them down on numerous occasions and Saturday was another time. It was a hard one to take. We need to try and rebuild some trust between ourselves and the fans and go forward.

"We have a massive game tomorrow night and we have to find it within ourselves to get ourselves up and go and get a result against Inverness which will be a difficult game.

"We need to seriously look at ourselves in the mirror and pick ourselves up and go again. That is the only way we can deal with it - go and get a result against Inverness.

"I love this club. I have never felt as low in my life as I did on Saturday night. It was a horrible experience. I personally can only say sorry to the fans. I realise apologies don't mean anything. It is all about what we as players, as a team and as a club can do to rebuild the trust between us and the fans.

" I have bounced back from numerous lows in my career. The Magaluf incident, The Dundee situation when they went into administration, getting dropped for the semi final of the Scottish Cup. I have bounced back before and I will have to again but people will always remember me as the goalkeeper who lost nine goals at Parkhead.

"Hopefully I can take my frustrations out during games which will help me improve my performances. It makes me even more determined to improve things at this club."

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Paul Hartley also spoke to the media this morning. He told RedTV:Paul

"We let the manager down, we let ourselves down and we let the supporters down. I take responsibility for being the captain.

"The only thing we can do now is try and get a good result tomorrow night.

"It is embarrassing.

"Everyone will remind us it's the worst result in the club's history and we are all hurting and embarrassed but we can't do anything about that.

"We've got to look forward to tomorrow night's game, which is a very important game for us.

"We can't feel sorry for ourselves, people will keep reminding us of the result but we can't dwell on it.

"I will miss the game but we have to dust ourselves down and hopefully we can get a good result.''

"I let myself, my team-mates, my manager and the supporters down.

"It was a stupid thing to do. It was a reaction at the time. I felt the ball was going in and I put my hand out.

"Looking back, it was a silly thing to do.'

RedTV |  Paul Hartley Press Conference please click here

THE HISTORY by Kevin Stirling

Back in the 1980's when the 'New Firm' of Aberdeen and Dundee Utd were slugging it out at the top of the table, home advantage was anything but. Aberdeen certainly enjoyed more success on Tayside than they did at Pittodrie. These days it seems that north rivals Inverness have taken over that mantle. Although Aberdeen lost for the first time in the Highland Capital last month, the Dons have still won six of their previous nine matches in Inverness. At Pittodrie it has been a different story. Apart from the anomaly of Inverness playing out of Pittodrie in the first part of the 2004.05 season, Aberdeen have only won two of the previous seven meetings; the last of which helped consign Inverness to relegation in 2009. It was at the beginning of that season that Inverness also recorded their first ever Pittodrie victory over the Dons in the opening game of the SPL in August 2008.

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Dons away day at Pittodrie